Hello!! this page is abt my golden opus fanfic project :3 it's currently not written (i have like, one chapter) but i have been outlining it for more than a year and a half.

even though i don't care abt BNHA anymore, i still devote a lot of my time to the story, and it's become dearer to me than just a longfic. The story is centered around Dabi and Shinsou (very weird combination LMAO i know i know), it's heavily canon divergent, and also has a Little bit of timeline fuckery because i wanted Dabi and Shinsou to be closer in age.

the fic itself is a platonic found family au timeline: where Dabi didn't meet AFO and instead managed to save himself, escaping only with severe burns and a severe anger issue, and where Shinsou's parents abandoned him when he was 6 due to fear of his quirk.

by random coincidence of Shinsou wandering on a street of Dabi's town, Dabi saves him from a creep that wanted to kidnap him, and Shinsou is AMAZED. he starts viewing Dabi as a safe person and basically follows him around until Dabi can't ignore him and takes him home. at the start of the fic, Shinsou is 6 and Dabi is 15.